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Nightopian's LiveJournal

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1/1/20 12:00 am - Welcome to Nightopia.com.

Welcome to Nightopia.com: the blog of one Bobby Freeman. Site redesign is coming soon; stay tuned.

5/19/11 12:17 pm - Greetings friends of old!

I do sincerely apologize for my extended absence.
Of all the aliens in the universe I had to get the abductors coming from the planet with the least amount of intelligent life (other than our own planet, of course).
These aliens got lost.
Stuck somewhere out in the black of space I was for all this time.

Well, I'm back now, and I've started a new LJ: religious_nut

I've pretty much created and written out my own religion, and I've been following it for a while now. It has been truly a trip, I assure you!

The catch to this religion? I base it around Sonic the Hedgehog characters.

Check it out if you want.

9/2/09 09:49 am - How I Roll

I want to take this time to remind those of you who read my blog regularly and make it known to you newcomers of how exactly I roll. It is a simple and elegant process as such:

1 - Something comes along that I need to make my life more balanced and enjoyable.
2 - I almost-effortlessly achieve this thing.

It's a balance of working for the things I can easily obtain to make it work, and as for the things I cannot easily obtain, I simply believe they will materialize into my life, and with the passage of time as my ally, they do just that.

Let's take the coming month, September 2009, to be a living example of what exactly I am talking about, shall we?

I'm going to move to an apartment 1,000 times better than the one I'm in now, in a neighborhood that is 1,000 times more pleasant, and the funds to do so and keep it are going to be continually available to me.

Here is what I have done:
* I went apartment shopping yesterday (9-1-2009) and applied for one.
* I talked to my present landlord about breaking my current lease early.

Here is what I need and don't currently have:
* According to the current landlord, in order to break my lease cleanly, I will need a letter, on company letterhead, of either my current employer or a future one saying that I will need to relocate... any less than this, and the breaking of my lease will be reflected negatively on my credit.
* Possibly a second job, in the town I will be moving to, for the extra income and maybe that very letter I stated.

My immediate plans:
* Today at work I plan to ask if the company could legally create a relocation letter for me, although I will actually be moving farther away from my current job.
* Spit-shine cleaning of my current apartment, and consolidating my belongings so they are easier to pack and move when the time comes.
* Depending on whether or not the rink can legally provide a relocation letter, I may go job-hunting in Randleman effective immediately.

My not-so-immediate plan:
* Job hunting in Randleman eventually, anyway -- for the extra income.

Things I don't have but am leaving to my wonderful allies, Solid Belief and the Passage of Time, to create for me:
* Current lease breaking, free of credit damage.
* That wonderful four-letter word, CASH, to complete the task.
* The means to move my belongings quickly and cleanly.

September 2009 is going to be the perfect example of "HOW I ROLL." These things will come to pass.

There is not, and has never been, any room in my life for the question of "Well what if it doesn't work out?" You see, sounds crazy until you actually try it, but negative thinking only ruins shit. I like my foot just the way it is, and I prefer not to put a bullet hole in it.

8/24/09 10:37 pm - Metamorphosis

Hello everyone, how's life?

Facebook is pretty nifty. I must admit I've been spending all my once LJ time there instead of here. Haven't been keeping up with people lately unless you're on Facebook. It's ok though, because I'm looking to stage a comeback.

I would want to shift gears once again here in LJ land, though. Perhaps limiting public entries to blog-style writings, and keeping any level of personal stuff to friends-only. This is mainly because I would like to make it known in Facebook land that I keep an LJ.

Also, it's because I have a whole new set of things I'd like to eventually write about. Within little more than just the past month, I have undergone a massive paradigm shift. I actually 'believe in something' now, and I can say this wholeheartedly, unlike before when I merely told myself this because I wanted it so badly.

A few things I'll just touch on here, because any more than "touching on" them and I'll be writing an LJ book for you. I'll therefore save the details for future LJ entries:

  • I believe in something that, in my mind and heart, finally resolves the ancient and heated conflict between science and spirituality.
  • I can now say I believe in what most of us call "God," and through study of existing theories and contemplation of some of my own theories, I have an idea of what this "God" really is from a scientific standpoint.
  • There is no longer any stress or bad thing in the world around me that can get me down. For me it's as simple as just not letting it.
  • I believe we create our future, both near and distant, on a constant basis whether we continually realize it or not. Better to be conscious of it!
  • I believe saying there is a "physical realm," a "spiritual realm," and so on and so forth realms is an act of over-complicating our reality. I believe it is actually all one 'realm' existing as a balance, and that our minds are typically only tuned to be conscious of a percentage of it.
  • Counter-intuitive as it may sound at first, I've gone a step above "tolerance of other beliefs" to a belief structure that supports all religious views simultaneously, and I find them *all* to be true in each of their own rights.
  • I do not have ALL of the answers, and that is fine. That's most likely how it should be anyway. I wonder whether or not it touches on arrogance to think such a level of knowledge is actually possible.

All of this while not straying a single step away from analytical (and theoretical) sciences.

And I'm going to approach this peacefully. This is my belief structure and mine alone, therefore I'm only looking to share, and not to convince. I'm coming up with new ideas and theories almost daily, so what you'll probably see are a lot of changes going on over time anyway.

I want to redesign my LJ layout, get some fresh new icons, oh, and I *definitely* want to bring back my signature move -- the Nightopian Live Journal Theme Song!

7/30/09 08:50 pm

UM, hey...

How many of my fellow NiGHTS fans also realize that the background voices you hear throughout the song "Gate of Your Dream" from the NiGHTS soundtrack, are audio clips that were all pulled from the original "Home Alone" movie?


7/11/09 10:36 am - Actually posting something political if you can believe it...

So let's see, just how radically liberal can I be in my views? Well take the following:

Many conservatives will tell you that homosexuality is not natural and it works to destroy the values of tradition and what not.

My personal views on the matter are the exact opposite. And I not only believe that homosexuality is entirely natural, but *necessary* for the continuing health of our race as a whole.

Let me take a minute to share just how I managed to arrive at this conclusion.
First, allow me to point out the obvious -- All over the world we see signs of overpopulation. We see many cultures in poverty, and families within them unable to feed their malnourished children. Orphanages around the country and world never seem to have a shortage of children up for adoption.

The average conservative will argue that homosexuality is unnatural because two men or two women will never be able to reproduce children. But consider this idea: The fact that a homosexual couple cannot reproduce on their own can serve as a small helping hand in keeping the overpopulated Earth from becoming even more populated. As a second idea to consider, If this homosexual couple did decide they wanted children, they could adopt from any one of the 2,000+ orphanages around the country, or even, gasp, one of the many poverty-stricken third-world countries out there. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

The world is grossly overpopulated. One way to get that number down would be acts of genocide. But I suggest a more peaceful way: let nature just run its course as it is trying to do anyway, and let homosexuality around the world flourish as nature for the moment feels it needs to. Instead of concerning yourselves with diverting the destruction of some tradition, concern yourselves with diverting the increasing quantity and decreasing health of our race as a whole.

I do believe there is a force in existence greater than our physical selves, be it "God" or whatever. But my view on that is irrelevant. The point is, if there really is this higher force out there, then I propose a theory. According to my theory, if we just chill out, sit back, and let nature run its course, then within some time, say several hundred years perhaps, we should see a statistical drop in the ratio of homosexuality to heterosexuality anyway, without any 'intervention' on our parts. I theorize this drop in the ratio should occur somewhere around the time when the Earth is no longer as grossly overpopulated as it is now.

Isn't that how nature works anyway? Just an ebb and a flow of everything?

Ponder that a minute, and post any comments you may have.

5/5/09 12:14 pm - Adventures of the Straight Guy in White Skates: Season 2

Welcome to another exciting season of a straight guy who wears white figure skates. Who woulda ever thought that?

I read an inspiring entry from an LJ friend yesterday. It touched on a particular subject that I recognized as one of many stereotypes and beliefs that, as they continue to circulate throughout our society, only serve to degrade and restrict positive qualities from being brought out into the open and flourishing.

This entry I read was not about how certain "feminine" things males may do can be called "gay" by society and how certain "masculine" things females do can be called "cool" by that same society, but by golly, the entry I'm writing right now is about to be!

Well, this Saturday, May 9, 2009, is going to be my first skating lesson of my triumphant return to the world of Figure Skating. Me and my dazzling white figure skates are going to go toe-pick some major ass.

Today from 2:15 to 4:00 PM will probably be the last chance I get to practice before my first class on Saturday, so I'm going to take it.

You know what I'm going to do? I am going to treat this just like the dignified passionate dream inside of me that it is, God-damn it! Most of my life I have been one to condone being one's self even if it means complete disregard of what the on-lookers have to say, and yet myself taking the back seat when it comes to my own passions.
I have noticed in the past that this sometimes spills on to the ice with me. Like if there are several people around, I might not try as hard -- I may not focus as much on the pride in the movements that figure skaters need to maintain a graceful appearance.

So this is how it's going to be starting today:
I present an open offer to all macho-men or whatever you call yourselves nowadays; those of you who call the "masculine" respectable and the "feminine" sissy.
If you don't insist upon calling me gay because of my white skates and/or my choreography, I won't insist upon asking you to use your manly lips to blow me. Fair deal?

4/11/09 08:46 am

Come in, madforthefiddle. Do you read me? Over! *static*

Um, dooooooooo... youstillhaveasparesegasaturn?

I know you had a spare Saturn you were offering me about a year ago. You still have it? The cartridge slot on mine is shot completely, and if all that's wrong with yours is that the discs scrape against the tray, I could just pour on a little of my patented Bob-style Stopfuckingdoingthat sauce.

Your speedy response at your earliest convenience is greatly appreciated. Operators are standing by. Your call is very important to us.

4/1/09 12:22 pm

Here is yet another reason I love GMail.

Happy April Fool's day!

3/16/09 09:42 pm

For your reference:
Space Channel 5: Special Edition + Dance Pad = The Awesome.

I came up with the idea to try it and just see if it would work myself. I told you I was a genius.

1/20/09 06:34 pm - Netflix

Instead of Cable TV for the apartment, I'm doing Netflix.

Do you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows?

1/2/09 01:47 am - State of The Bob Address, 2009

I've had the idea to do this every year at the end of the year, for years, and haven't actually done it. So here we go with the first annual State of The Bob Address: Giving a brief summary of my life in the year past and a basic grid on my plans for the next year.


Pretty friggin crazy-nice, how I can say that just a little over a year ago I set my sight on something so hard-core it pushed me to trying to live out of and sleep in my car, and here I am now starting off 2009 from an apartment of my own.

Hell Yes Bitches.

2008 kind of resembles a fast-forward button when viewed form the big picture. I had hit year 26 (December 6, 2007) while in still pretty much the same situation I had been in for all of my life. Despite the fact I had to put figure skating on hold the entire year of '08 to accomplish any of it, I did experience for myself what it's like to have a job where the boss actually appreciates your work, the act of taking out a student loan and going to school -- in the process of that I confirmed with myself that my ultimate career choice needs to be in the field of computer programming, and ultimately I saved the money I needed for and signed the lease on an apartment. All within the year of 2008.

My initial feelings for 2009 are a bit of a mixture. A residual sadness remains due to the fact my life up until now has sucked a major assbone. I've forever needed a place of my own to be able to stretch out in and have a kind-of command center in the fight for ensuring that I always remain true to the desires of my soul without any limitation. It's just a psychological battle that I'm inexperienced in fighting, since of course up until now I couldn't have fought it even though I wanted to.
I expect it to get better in 2009 however, starting as soon as my fucktarded car gets fixed and I bleed out however much of my precious rent-money it'll take to pay for it, and I start to go through the list of things I have made that I need or want to make the bare walls of this place feel like home to me. I also foresee the freedom coming to get back into skating regularly.

You know what? Back in early '08, I posted an entry saying that getting a new Sega Saturn system, sound system, etc., was going to be my goal for the year.
That never happened.
Holy Damn I suck at reaching goals. I should go cut myself now. BRB.
After I get in some practice coding in Java that I'm someday going to have a kick-ass paying job in doing, I'm going to lie in my comfy bed tonight contemplating how I can't reach a facking goal for anything no matter what I do, off in the darkness of my warm bedroom in this nice apartment of mine.
Yeah ima do that now kbai.

"Miscellaneous Psychobabble"

"After many hours of research, I have finally come to some important conclusions."

11/21/08 05:41 pm - Notification of Change of Address for Mr. Bobby

Friday December 5th, 2008, I will be moving into an apartment.

There are thousands of words I could use to describe how I feel this year has been one huge "in between" feeling -- like, I'm no longer in cell-block Freeman with my sardine can bedroom, but I'm not yet in my own place either.

I've felt closed in; not in as unhealthy of a way as I did back then, but still living under the rules of someone else and not being able to stretch out as I know I need to be able to.

Well the money situation is going to be a little bumpy at first, but I will, finally, have MY OWN PLACE.

This will be by far my most glorious accomplishment to date.

11/4/08 12:40 pm

Update to the previous entry...

Nothing a bit of quick studying online couldn't fix. I now have an opinion on voting for not only US President but NC Governor as well. So I'm going to vote!

bee are bee

11/4/08 11:11 am - Can someone give me a reason to vote today?

This is the type of election where you go to write in who you REALLY want. But let's get real about that; write-ins and third-party candidates never win the election. They're not purdy enuff.

Can McCain really turn out to be as bad as Bush? Seriously? How in the bloody hell can anyone ever again be that bad?

Is Obama a terrorist? Well can someone tell me how a terrorist would be allowed to run for president? Because I just don't see our government to be that stupid. Stupid, yes, definitely, but not THAT stupid.

I don't have a solid feeling toward either candidate. And unless that changes before the polls close tonight, I just won't vote.

I hate the idea of not voting at all, so could somebody send me a little motivation and reason to do so?

11/3/08 07:52 pm - Friends-list update

There are a few of you that I once had on my friends list and for one reason or another decided to take you off.

Well as of right now I add you back.

Whatever the reasons were back then now reside in the fuck-it bin.

Welcome back.

5/26/08 05:40 pm - Cue Theme Song...

miscellaneous psychobabbleCollapse )

2/19/08 12:46 am

After many hours of research, I have finally come to some important conclusions.

The following things can be deathly hazardous to your health:

1 - Eating uncooked meat. If you eat raw meat, well, chances are you're not the only one enjoying that bloody slab of cow tissue. Parasites love raw meat too, and unfortunately they are too small to kill with the act of chewing. You just swallowed alive your dinner guest, and now he's agonna eat you back.

2 - Smoking crack. Yeah, unfortunately some "recreational" drugs cause an unhealthy level of dependency. Like, to the point you have to keep doing them or else you have incessant cramps and vomit uncontrollably. Nobody wants that; too much of an inconvenience.

3 - Beating yourself in the head with a sawn-off chair leg. The health risks involved in this act are a little difficult to put into words, so perhaps I can faahh wfhe7lsbiygaowihyguabsw fg awyegfuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

erm. ow.

4 - Living in the Bible Belt. This is the most hazardous of all of these. Doing this for extended periods of time can bend you over sideways and ass-rape your soul.

Bible Belt natives don't understand why people who migrate there want to impale themselves on a church steeple after about 2.9 seconds, and I personally am not sure what is so difficult to understand about it.

After 26 years, the only thing Jaysus-ah has ever really saved-ah me from is the basic needs of my core being.

Repent of all your sense and be bored again.
I once was found but now I'm lost; could see but now I'm blind.

Bible Belt natives constantly confuse their religion with that of Christianity, which makes for quite disgusting predicaments.

If you find yourself living in the Bible Belt for any period of time, you may find it helpful to recite the following mantra from time to time: "Whoa, what the fuck am I doing here? I should pack my ass up and MOVE FAR FAR FAR AWAY!!!!"


So, things I should remember for my own personal health include: A) Don't eat raw meat, B) Don't smoke crack, C) Don't beat myself in the head with a sawn-off chair leg, and, D) Don't plan on living in the Bible Belt for any longer than I really have to, for srsly.
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